Adeleia U

Transforming the canvas into a field of experiences; joy, sadness, trust, love, hate, disgust, faith, inspiration, anxiety, happiness, pleasure or perception of an entity of certain object or place. The Momentum breaths – distinctively. Seeing is the ultimate passion.. and an extreme, intense bodily flight through the canvas.

Supported 2022, 2021 and 2020 By Arts Promotion Centre Finland

making art – making my mark is a ritual for me

…they also testify of my existence, which is not always so obvious or self-evident

My artworks deal with existential questions; what is to be human as a spiritual and psychical being and the relations of supernatural and the Liminal along. The act of making art is a ritual to me, and interaction between the two levels of beingness, bodily and incorporeal.

Abstract expressionism art Adeleia U Balmy Dale, 2017
Abstract art Adeleia U Light shift of the night, 2021
Contemporary artist Adeleia U Departures, 2020

Abstract, forest, sea, city or glorious inside-landscape?

The way I make art is mostly ritual although expressive, corporeal and intuitive, my processes are experimental, they always involve an external, unexplained element or entity. The painting or photograhy comes out of somewhere, it hatchs and suddenly -my amazement- is, right in front of my eyes. The key elements in the actual making of art are environmental orientation and attachment, the great importance of spaces and places, the contemplative approach to work, questions of otherness, and a kind of influence of alienation, the otherworldly thresholdiness. I study the importance of corporeality / disembodiment in both my painting and filming processes. Concretely, corporeality manifests itself in the reality of painting as the intentional strong involvement of the body in the painting, the movements, speed, flaws, stains, etc. visible on the canvas – they are an essential part of the physicality of my paintings, at the same time, they also testify of my existence which is not always so obvious or self-evident. Indeed, painting is a metaphysical reflection produced through physicality of the moment.

Thank you! At last, here.
Beautiful, touching, telling me nice and peaceful stories.
I could stay hours contemplating. – Michele from Geneva

Feedback From Solo Exhibition 2020


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Finding not searching

It is around me. It is everywhere and all over the place. I can feel it, be in it, and I can make it burst from me.

I found it